Adopted in 1949 by the World Medical Association’s (WMA) General Assembly, the International Code of Medical Ethics (ICoME) outlines the guidelines, norms, and central duties of the medical profession. In 2018, the WMA appointed a workgroup to begin the process of revising this seminal document.

Early in the revision process, the ICoME workgroup determined that the subject of conscientious objection should be addressed in the revised draft. Realizing that this is a topic that would require an especially nuanced and in-depth debate, the workgroup requested in October 2020 that the WMA host a dedicated conference on physician conscientious objection be held once in-person meetings were feasible. In the summer of 2021, a public consultation generated a vast amount of feedback on this subject from global medical ethics experts, thus validating the need for this important meeting.

Co-organized by Indonesian Medical Association (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia/IDI) and the WMA, the International Code of Medical Ethics Dedicated Conference on Physician Conscientious Objection will provide an arena for a focused discussion on the wording of the paragraph on conscientious objection in the current revised draft of the ICoME for WMA members and also organizes a symposium for Indonesian participants.